What exactly is the flu?

Summer is over in Australia and immediately the flu shot is promoted everywhere. Pharmacies advertise them, GP practices push them and now the programs start to get the vulnerable people in society shot up.

So how much science is there behind the flu shot? You probably won’t be surprised that I tell you that the science is absolutely non-existent. The flu shot is for 100% based on fiction. I have mentioned already quite a few times here that there is no proof whatsoever that viruses make sick. So the same goes for the flu virus. The virus co-exists with the flu, but in no way does that mean the virus causes the flu.

Outbreaks of infectious diseases start with one person, who infects a few more and slowly the outbreak spreads, comes to a peak and then slowly disappears again. How else could it go with an infectious disease? (That doesn’t explain how the first patient got sick, but let’s not get side-tracked). But how does a flu epidemic start? Nobody gets sick till the end of autumn or early winter. And then at once everywhere in the country people start to get runny noses, fevers and coughs. It’s not possible that patients in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth infected each other. Besides, it goes way too fast. 6350540-3x4-340x453

And we are told that we need another flu shot every year, because the virus mutates. The virus is said to mutate in Asia (why in Asia?) and then it travels all over the world (oh wait, it first travels to the northern hemisphere and first arrives in Australia six months later). Once it arrives at other continents it spreads all over the continent, but doesn’t maken anyone sick till winter arrives. And then it attacks everyone at the same time. This is a nice story for a picture book, but it doesn’t make remotely any sense in real life.

The conclusion is simple: the flu is not caused by a virus. It’s caused by vitamin D deficiency, in combination with other factors. People who have enough vitamin D have a much smaller chance to get the flu, but it’s not 100% protective. Lack of vitamin C probably also plays a role, as well as other nutritional factors. As the flu is not caused by a virus, this automatically means that the flu shot cannot be anything more than 0% effective. But these shots do contain a variety of toxic ingredients, one of them being aluminium, which is exactly what old people with brain problems (and everyone else) should avoid at all costs. The homeless and other vulnerable people should get good food, shelter and vitamin D supplements, but not flu shots.

So why are the flu shots still given and heavily promoted? The answer is simple: $25 per shot. It’s big business. Doctors know that and pharmacists know that. But the nurses who give the shots in these charity programs probably aren’t aware of it. Or maybe they are, but cherish their jobs too much. One way or another, this insanity must stop. Way too many people get harmed only so that others can make money. There are words to describe such things: crime against humanity is one of them.


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