Whooping cough craziness

Whooping cough was once considered an unpleasant disease and nothing more than that. Occasionally a child died from it, but life is full of risks and it was accepted as that. But then in the 1950’s the whooping cough vaccine was introduced. The first vaccine was the whole cell vaccine. That had some effect, but a lot more very nasty side effects. Still it remained on the market for a long time, till one country after another replaced it with the acellular vaccine. This vaccine had fewer problems (read: it injured and killed fewer children), but it was also a lot less effective. You can find many official statements saying that the current whooping cough vaccine has little efficacy anymore.

6croboAdiBut in spite of these official statements there are just as many official statements that everyone should get their whooping cough vaccine. And a booster. And another booster. And another booster. And it still doesn’t work, so everyone should get another shot.

Recently a baby in Australia died from whooping cough. It probably died from lack of breast milk and too much antibiotics, but let’s not discuss those details. As obedient followers of the government and the medical establishment the whole family of this baby had been vaccinated. But somehow that didn’t protect the poor kid.

Many countries and states already offered pregant women(!) the vaccine and now also SA has followed that bad example. This vaccine (like all vaccines) has not been tested for safety in pregnant women and the efficacy of it has not been tested either (how could it, for this is a completely new step in the vaccine insanity). But in spite of all these facts it’s obviously not hard to find a doctor who is willing to state that giving pregnant women this shot is safe and 90% effective. science_respiratory_system_chart

No pharmaceutical product is safe for pregnant women and how can an almost ineffective vaccine at once become 90% effective when given indirectly? This is the absolute worst of medical fiction. Injecting healthy babies with toxic chemicals to keep them healthy is already a disgrace, but attacking unborn children? It’s scary that so many people get themselves convinced by this kind of medical fiction and do what they are told.

How many babies will die between the shot and birth? How many will get all kinds of diseases during the first years of life? Nobody knows, for these babies are part of a big experiment and their mothers don’t even realize it. And when during the next few years it appears that there are remarkably many sick babies, then it will all be labeled “coincidence”. And that’s the worst of all: that nobody will take responsibility for these crimes against humanity.


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