Cancer causing genes?

When celebrities do something stupid it’s usually all over the news. So it’s no suprise that a few years ago the whole world had to know that Angelina Jolie had had a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. And now we are told how brave she is for also getting her ovaries removed. And the world is applauding it and many women follow her horrible example.529745-2211bc74-d26f-11e4-a4a5-09d7e9cc7466

Women who have the “breast cancer genes” are told that they have a very high chance of getting breast cancer and usually also ovary cancer. But that’s not remotely the full truth. It looks like women who live in 2015 in the western world and live the full western lifestyle while eating the western diet indeed have a bigger chance for getting breast cancer when they have these specific genes. But you see where the real truth is: it’s our environment and lifestyles that cause cancer. Genetics only can give us a predisposition to developing this disease.

I’m sure that Jolie’s greatgrandmothers and other female relatives of that generation did not get cancer. Probably even her grandmothers and their sisters didn’t get cancer. And possibly not even her own mother and aunts got it. So how can it be genetic, when only in the last 50 years it shows up? Exactly, common sense says that that’s not possible.

So what happens when a woman with these genes gets her breast and ovaries removed? It definitely lowers her chance for cancer in those organs, because they aren’t there anymore. But the risk for cancer and other health problems is still the same. So the Jolies of this world might get themselves mutilated, but sooner or later (probably sooner rather than later) they will still get cancer. But it will be in another part of the body. Or if they are unlucky they might get another bad disease. One that will also get them to the grave, after a long period of bad health.

So what about this Swedisch oncologist? He talks rubbish, just like all other oncologists. They pretend that they know what’s good for their patients, but all they know is what’s good for themselves and their bank accounts. Every oncologist is part of an industry that worth many billions of dollars a year. And the cancer industry thrives on the fear of the people to get this disease and on the ignorance of those same people to recognize what cancer really is. And how to cure it.

Removing healthy organs is a crime against humanity. Unfortunately we are still far away from recognizing it as such.


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