More possible cancer treatments

Nowadays some 1:3 people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer, which means that almost everyone knows someone who has cancer or died from cancer. Not so strange that cancer research is worth many billions of dollars ever year again. So it’s not strange that on a regular basis there is a headline mentioning some “possible new treatment”. And these possible treatments are presented as a breakthrough, which clearly shows how pathetic this research is. Anyway, researchers have found a possible new treatment for prostate cancer. (And yes, it’s a breakthrough again).

They have found that glutamine is increased in protate cancer cells. Instead of wondering why those cells need so much glutamine they try to find ways to stop this process. The only problem of course is that any drug that blocks glutamine from cancer cells will also block it from all other cells. That’s the whole problem with all conventional cancer therapies. Whatever drug is used, they always cause a lot of damage to the rest of the body. Any new drug based on this new research won’t be any different.

Prostate cancer is often portrayed as very dangerous, but most of the time it isn’t. 4624112-3x2-340x227The article says that every year 3,000 Australian men die from prostate cancer, but there is no way to know if this is true. Do they do from or with the cancer? That’s a huge difference. In most cases prostate cancer grows very slowly and will never cause any problems, because the men die from other causes way before the cancer can kill them. But anno 2015 we have all these tests to find cancers early, which means an awful lot of unnecessary treatments, many of which are carcinogenic. Some urologists advise “watchful waiting”, but just as many are very keen to operate, which comes with a high risk for impotence and incontinence.

So these researchers looked at the cells and noticed they use a lot of glutamine. If they would have looked a bit better they would also have noticed that those cells (all cancer cells actually) use a lot of sugar. And guess what? That’s a problem that can very easily be solved, and it doesn’t need a lot of research or toxic drugs. Sugar is cancer’s best friend and eliminating if from your diet is a huge step to full recovery.

The reality of cancer therapy is that conventional therapies cure at most 2% of the patients and kill 50% or more. Don’t get fooled by highly manipulated statistics. More people than ever get cancer and more people than ever die from it. But there are hundreds of highly effective and often cheap natural therapies available. If used the right way and in the right combination they have a cure rate of 90+%. And none of them has any serious side effects. But if this would get known among the large crowds those billions of dollars for research wouldn’t be necessary anymore. And that’s why the people aren’t allowed to know.

And that also simply means that none of these researchers is remotely interested in finding a cure. Neither are the Cancer Council, the oncologists or anyone else involved in the cancer industry. If you get cancer and you want to live, you will have to treat yourself. That goes for prostate cancer and any other kind of cancer.


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