The feared disease

Researchers want more attention for tuberculosis, as that disease is still killing many. And they are right that it’s a nasty disease and many people die from it. Probably the number is even a lot higher than what’s officially mentioned, as many Africans who officially die from AIDS actually die from tuberculosis.

So the problem is there, but the medical scientists have no clue what they are doing. They focus on drugs, which don’t work very well and have horrible side effects. Antibiotics of any kind kill the gut bacteria and you need those bacteria very badly for a healthy immune system that could take care of the bad bacteria.

Bacteria aren’t our enemies. They are the big cleaners of nature and only show up when there is dead tissue to clean up. Nature couldn’t exist without bacteria and probably humans couldn’t exist either without these “bad bacteria”. Many people get infected with tuberculosis, but don’t get sick of it.235052-3x2-340x227 Their immune system notices a problem and takes care of it. We are usually told that we should kill the bacteria, because they make us sick. But actually not the bacteria are the problem, but the dead tissue that they are cleaning up. If you have bacteria in your lungs that means that your lungs are in bad shape. And that’s how the problem must be tackled.

Many bacterial infections can simply be cured with good food, but I admit that it’s often not so easy to get truckloads of healthy food to remote locations. Of course it’s possible, but it would take a lot of time and people with tuberculosis don’t have a lot of time. But there is something that would cure most, if not all, of them and that’s the humble vitamin C. This simple vitamin has a remarkable track record for dealing with infectious diseases. Somehow it very quickly gets the body in a healthy enough state that no more dead tissue is produced, so that the bacteria are not necessary anymore and disappear. The best way to administer it is by IV, but if that’s not possible also oral doses will do. Vitamin C is also extremely safe and very cheap. So why isn’t this used instead of all those toxic drugs that don’t work very well anyway?

The reason why vitamin C is ignored is exactly that it’s so safe, cheap and effective. There is no money to be made of it. An African tuberculosis patient can be cured in two weeks for $50 at most. And of course there are doctors who would love to administer this, if they could. But usually they don’t know this. And if they know it they can’t get the vitamin C. And if they can they won’t be allowed to use it. And if they manage to use it and cure their patients, then nobody will ever know about it, because they won’t be allowed to talk about it. For if it would get generally known that the humble vitamin C is such a miracle cure, then nobody would use the pharmaceutical drugs anymore. And though often there is not so much money anymore in antibiotics the industry won’t allow these dollars to disappear. Besides, it would change the attitude of the world towards Big Pharma and that’s the most dangerous thing that could happen.

In the end it’s all about money and that’s why so many people keep dying from a disease that could easily be treated. That’s why these people are still treated with highly toxic drugs. And that’s why a vaccine is still given that has been known to cause tuberculosis since the 1970’s.

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