Smarter than humans

Scientists can be really funny, though they probably don’t mean to be. But I just came across a story about the Yeti. Scientists claim that the Yeti is PROBABLY just a brown bear. But even about this they don’t agree. When a scientist says that something is probably this or that, they really mean to say that they are just making wild guesses. Science is about proof, not about what the scientists think that could be true.

So what’s this story about the Yeti, or as some call him, the “abominable snowman”? Truth is that nobody knows. There are some photos and even tiny videos, but they are inconclusive. The only thing that can be said with quite a high level of certainty is that something lives in the Himalaya and that that something is smart enough to stay away from humans. Do we need to know? I don’t see any reason why. It’s not like we humans are so smart and so superior that we have the right to know everything and disturb every other species.

Hairs have been found and some scientists say they are from an ancient bear species and others say that’s not possible. Just because they have studied the DNA of a few hairs. But what do they know about DNA? The truth is: not remotely as much as they would like us to believe. Most science about DNA is nothing more than a lot of speculation and guesses and ignoring of everything that doesn’t fit the theories.

The Yeti isn’t the only unknown species. Australia has the Yowie, which has been desribed as a being similar to the Yeti. 031242-1f1df602-cc3b-11e4-9626-5d9793fb55e0Could they be related species? I would say that’s quite well possible. The Yowie has been seen in remote locations with a lot of bush area around that is not accessible to humans. Just like the Yeti in the Himalaya.

Humans still discover new species all the time. Usually they are tiny bugs or fish that live in the very deep parts of the oceans. But some parts of the world are just as inaccessible to humans as the bottom of the ocean. So why couldn’t there be creatures, maybe many creatures, living there in peace, far away from humans? Scientists don’t like to acknoledge that possbility, as it would mean that those creatures are probably smarter than humans.

But what about the thylacine (Tasmanian tiger)? Scientists say they are extinct, but they have been seen since, both in Tasmania as on the Australin mainland. I would say it’s very likely that those poor animals were simply done with humans and learnt how to hide from them. There is still plenty of dense bushland in Tasmania and a lot more of it in the rest of Australia. If you had been hunted down to extinction, wouldn’t you also hide from the species that kill you?

So it would be nice if scientists would stop making guesses about these things. Guesses aren’t science, they are hobbyism. Maybe we humans should simply learn from the past, admit that we have done a lot of harm to the earth and admire those species that are smart enough not to show themselves to us. Humans have done enough harm. Let’s not make that worse in the name of science.


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