Skin cancer: the new disease

Here is a scare story about how many young Australians get melanoma skin cancer. Cancer in general has become epidemic in the western world and the rest of the world is following quickly, because they adapt the western lifestyle. Cancer is 100% environment and lifestyle related. Don’t believe for a moment that it’s genetic.

We all know that skin cancers are caused by too much sunshine, don’t we? Well, that’s what we are told, but it couldn’t be further away from the truth. The sun being dangerous for our health? It’s absolutely shocking how many people believe this kind of absurdities. Life cannot exist on earth without sunshine. And the 820738-ef163626-cc6d-11e4-9626-5d9793fb55e0human race has lived with sunshine for a very long time and nobody got skin cancer from it. Till the industrial revolution started and people stayed inside all day the common way to make a living was outside, on the land, building houses, managing horses or whatever. Few people stayed inside all the time. And sunscreens didn’t exist. And vitamin D deficiency possibly existed at the end of winter, but most definitely not in summer. Children played outside as much a possible and got naturally tanned without burning badly.

But nowadays we are obviously so weak that we need to carefully measure our sun exposure and most of the time we cover ourselves in large amounts of highly toxic sunscreens. Australians are top users of sunscreen and… have the most skin cancers in the world. But the interesting thing is that those skin cancers almost only happen in city dwellers who don’t have much natural sunshine exposure. Those who live outside the city on properties usually don’t use sunscreens, get tanned naturally and don’t get skin cancer. Does the coin drop? It’s not that hard to see that it’s the sunscreens that cause the cancer, not the sun. You don’t even need to do scientific research to see the correlation. But if that research would be done it would show that the more sunscreen is used, the bigger the chance for skin cancer. The research just isn’t done.

Of course also people who don’t use sunscreen can get skin cancer. That’s because of the highly processed fats people consume. Those fats are highly toxic and in combination with sunshine they can become carcinogenic. For that you would need to do a bit of scientific research, but it would be very easy to prove. And it has been proven, but that kind of research is just not published in the main media.

So what is done when someone has melanoma? They first put the knife into the patient, causing a lot of damage. 820293-81c5c31a-cc6e-11e4-9626-5d9793fb55e0Of course cutting out such a tumour causes a scar, but you can read in the article that often they also remove lymph nodes. But you need to lymph nodes very badly to maintain a strong immune system! So what the doctor does is significantly increasing your chances for cancers in the future, hoping that at least this one won’t come back at this spot. It’s not just insane, it’s criminal. But doctors get away with it, because it’s standard medical practice.

And so the article ends saying that melanomas often happen at places that don’t get a lot sunshine, so we should use more sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as possible, to avoid getting too much cancer fighting vitamin D. And yes, the usual line isn’t missing: “The more funds that are raised, the more research that can be done, the closer we will be to finding a cure”. And Santa Claus really delivers all the presents himself in one night.

2 thoughts on “Skin cancer: the new disease

  1. To conclude that cancer is caused by sunscreen because people who live in the country and don’t use it don’t get cancer is a bit simplistic. There could be many other reasons, like a healthier life style, or more likely, the fact that they are constantly tanned and therefore naturally protected while city dwellers often are exposed to sun very infrequently and then alot at once, therefore not naturally protected by being tanned. So it could be that it has nothing at all to do with sunscreen.


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