What scientists don’t know about glaciers

One of the world’s largest glaciers is melting in East Antarctic. And of course that’s caused by climate change and we are all going to drown. My goodness, the climate scientists really get desparate and come with stories that become hilarious. Fiction writers probably couldn’t come up with this kind of doom scenario.

So what about this glacier? Is it really melting? Well, I would say it probably is. But why is it melting and what does that mean? Large ice masses are very complicated structures and scientists know very little about them. They don’t really know why they move, grow, melt, get thicker or thinner. But it’s most definitely not a matter of the air warming up a little and immediately the glaciers start melting. A glacier is not an ice cube in a cold drink on a hot day. But still scientists talk about them like they are indeed simply big ice cubes.

Reality is that glaciers are usually very old. The ice that melts now might have started to freeze 500 or more years ago. And all those years have an influence on how that ice behaves. 6325336-3x2-700x467Maybe the ice sheet is a thousand years old and if there was a lot of heat 500 years ago that might have an influence to what happens now.  1000 years ago we had the Medieval Warm period, so could that maybe be the cause of the melting now? It is very well possible, but we don’t know. Nobody knows, but as good climate scientists do, they simply ignore the huge amount of uncertainties and stick with a theory that is so simply that it’s just laughable.

They predict that the sea level might rise with 3 1/2 meters. That’s a beautiful doom scenario, but it has absolutely nothing to do with reality, science or even common sense. Many similar doom scenarios have been published during the last few decades. The sea water would rise 50 cm, or 2 meters or occasionally 10 meters or more. The only problem is that after all those decades of doom the sea level is still exactly the same as 50 years ago. It’s actually very hard to measure the sea level, for that is something that is influenced by many different factors, most of which are unknown. But wherever they simply have poles in the sea the level isn’t any higher than 50 years ago.

So why do these climate scientists publish this new funny doom scenario? Because more and more people don’t believe in climate change anymore. And when that happens with anything that’s presented as science, the scientists go overboard trying to convince the masses. And they usually try that with scare stories. But it rarely works, because most of the people once believed in it, but came to realize that it simply wasn’t true. Those people won’t be convinced with any more scare stories. That scientists try it anyway means that they are desperate and have nothing better to offer anymore. These climate scientists should stop wasting money and get themselves a job. Then they would do something useful.

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