HIV: dangerous fiction

Sexual health experts (whatever those experts might be) are worried about the rising number of HIV infections in Queensland. But don’t worry, but they have already a solution. How much science is actually involved in HIV as the cause of AIDS? Well, eh, none whatsoever.

First of all: there is no proof whatsoever that viruses make sick. Virology is completely based on unproven assumptions and is therefore a hoax. So if there is something like HIV then it most definitely doesn’t cause AIDS. What is AIDS actually? What are the symptoms? Well, that depends on the time, person and geographic location. A gay man in the USA has completely different symptoms than an British kindergarten teacher, than a Asian prostitute, than an African mother. How does the virus know who it has infected? The description of AIDS also has changed over time, depending on the need. That in itself is already a clear sign that this can never be just one disease. All these people are sick with a variety of diseases and only if they have a positive HIV test they have AIDS. Else they get different diagnoses. That’s not science, that’s politics.

But what about the HIV test? Well, considering that nobody knows what they are actually testing for it shouldn’t be a surprise that those tests are hopelessly unreliable. 6323906-3x2-340x227Before getting a HIV test you need to fill in a questionaire about your lifestyle. Why would you need to do that if a test would be reliable? Nobody ever seems to ask questions about that. But the truth is that the test results need to be INTERPRETED and that is done using a variety of tools. One of the tools is the questionaire. If you are a monogamous, straight female kindergarten teacher in Australia you have very little chance for a positive test. A gay man with many different partners, an IV drug user, a prostitute or a pregnant African woman have a very high chance for a positive test, regardless of what the test actually says. It also depends on which test is used, for the different manufacturers give different instructions with the test. So one and the same result might be positive with one brand and negative with another. Are you already confused? This has absolutely nothing to do with science whatsoever. It’s all complete fiction.

Do scientists know this? Of course they do! They cannot possible not know. Just like everyone who works at the medical labs knows this. And just like every doctor doing the tests should know this. So what is the reason for the worry in Queensland? Well, they have a new drug. And this drug isn’t something HIV positive people should take to prevent them from dying from AIDS (they die from the drugs instead). No, this is a drug that should be taken by people with risky behaviour to PREVENT them from getting infected! Wow, isn’t science great? They have a toxic drug that you should take to prevent you getting a virus that won’t make you sick and that cannot be shown by any test.

So how do they know it works? They don’t. The article doesn’t say how they test the efficacy, but they probably test for something they assume has something to do with HIV. Lab efficacy is a very common way to test drugs. You just come with a theory and see if the drug matches the theory. That the theory might not have anything to do with real life is not relevant. That way you can get a 95% effective drug that doesn’t work at all. Neat trick, isn’t it?

Whatever this new drug is, two things are sure. It will kill loads of people (most drugs do and HIV drugs more than any others) and it will make the pharmaceutical industry a lot of money.


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