The reality of auto-immune diseases

Doctors are worried about the high number of children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. And they should be, for this is a horrible disease and even worse so for children. They say that it is as common as childhood diabetes and that’s probably an accurate comparison, as they are both auto-immune diseases. And both are becoming epidemic.

The article gives a description of how bad this disease is and how few the treatment options are in the conventional medical system. But it does not mention where all these sick children come from. Chronic disease is unnatural and chronic disease in children is even more unnatural. Except for congential problems children should not suffer from anything more than a mild infectious disease now and then. But about 40% of the Australian children have a chronic disease nowadays! Hello, doctors and scientists, don’t you think there is a very big problem in our society? And isn’t it time to deal with the cause of this disaster?5871640-3x2-340x227

But no, they only look at what is now, give children horrible drug treatments that will kill them sooner or later and make a real effort to discredit the treatments that would probably help a lot and possibly cure the kids. Natural treatments shouldn’t be used, because there is “no scientific proof that they work”. Well, there is plenty of scientific proof that the treatments these same doctors offer not only don’t work, but kill. But at least that has been scientifically proven.

So what about the cause? These children were born healthy and then they got sick. So something happens in that short period that causes the disease. What about injecting two months old babies with 23 different antigens? It’s very likely (and scientifically proven) that this can send the immune system of a baby into overdrive, causing it to attack its own tissues. Then there are the animal proteins that are in the vaccines as residues. Because the animals are only used to grow the virus for the vaccines it doesn’t need to be mentioned on the ingredients list. But the body is designed to attack foreign materials and because it comes into the body in a totally unnatural way it can cause huge problems. And then there are still the large amounts of highly toxic additives, which have never ever been tested for what they do in a baby. If you know this you can only be surprised that most children do NOT develop auto-immune diseases.

But vaccinations are sacred and the doctors and scientists will do absolutely everything to ignore the huge elephant in the room. They deny the obvious cause of the epidemic with a religious zeal that would fit many official religious enthusiasts.

But what is it really about, except for the strong religious believes that prevent the cause of the disaster being taken away? The truth is in the last line: “Experts believe increased funding for research provide the only possible chance for a cure to be found.” It’s about money, like it’s always about money. Trillions of dollars are spent annually for medical research and the cures are still non-existent. So more research money won’t help in this case either. The only thing that would help is removing the religious blinkers from the doctors and scientists. And then banning vaccines.


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