Cancer fiction does it again

Not so ground-breaking research by Adelaide fiction writers, sorry scientists, has identified molecules in the body which “could potentially unlock treatment to stop the spread and growth of common cancers”. Wow, if you call this ground-breaking then your work is in a very, very sad state. So sad, that you better completely abandon it. But cancer research is where the very big money is, so it won’t stop of course.

The researchers have found something they “believe” plays a role in how cancer spreads. So nowadays scientists only have believes to offer? It’s a profession that becomes more and more religious, for scientist believe a lot of things, but can offer very little proof.648042-ccd7f294-c87f-11e4-bdbb-25549bb81a95

It’s been already a while since the cancer industry stopped talking about curing the disease, but only mentions the “five year survival”. That was a clear sign that this industry didn’t cure and had an abysmally bad track record. Many people with cancer would survive five years after the diagnosis without any treatment whatsoever, so using this number to measure success is pathetic.

After covering up the poor cure rates with this new terminology even researchers don’t talk about curing anymore. It’s now a breakthrough if they might have found something that might stop cancer from spreading very quickly. Just like the announcement a while ago that researchers had found a way to prevent some leukemia patients from dying from the chemo therapy. Wow, it’s a great discovery that fewer people die from your treatment? Can you make it any worse?

More and more people start to see that the cancer industry has nothing good to offer and many cancer patients give up after the horrible conventional treatments and start looking for alternatives. And more and more cancer patients don’t even start with the life-shortening treatments on offer. The funny thing is that all the people who have been given up by their oncologists and get cured with natural treatments will be counted as success stories for the statistics. As more and more people go that track the numbers of cured patients will go up, making the conventional treatments look good. And that’s a very interesting contradiction, but cancer science has nothing to do with it. That’s just a very lucrative way to sound important, while writing nothing more than bad quality fiction.

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