Wishful thinking

A study has shown that homeopathic medicine doesn’t work any better than a placebo. The study is done by the National Health and Medical Research Council and we all know how they do their research. Medical research costs trillions of dollars a year and gives hardly any useful results. So why would we take their word that anything safe and cheap doesn’t work? A smart person sees that this kind of studies isn’t worth the bytes used to publish it.

They looked at 1800 studies, but only found 225 that were scientific enough for their taste. What do they mean with scientific quality? My guess is that it means that they only chose those studies that suited their desired outcome. For science is usually a lot more fiction than homeopathy could ever produce. 5376954-3x2-340x227

The funny thing is the double standards. For they demand scientific proof that homeopathic treatments work, but they don’t demand the same for pharmaceuticals. It’s known that SSRI anti-depressants don’t have more effect than a placebo, but do we hear the NHMRC about that? Will they warn everyone not to take statin drugs because they haven’t been shown to reduce the number of deaths? Will they tell women not to get mammograms because they don’t have any benefits? Nope, they ignore the real science and rather produce their own fiction.

Nevertheless they dare to state that homeopathy is dangerous because people might delay getting medical treatment with drugs that are not only unscientific and often not better than a placebo, but also kill many thousands of people a year only in Australia. But even if homeopathy woudn’t work it would at least be safe and that alone would already safe many lives.

But homeopathy does work and it’s not even too hard to prove. For it’s given to sick animals, that don’t even know they get medicine in their water. If one animal gets cured it could be coincidence. If a hundred get cured it’s definitly something to take seriously. But if millions of animals get treated with homeopathic remedies and most of them get cured from whatever ails them, then you cannot say that it doesn’t work. Well, you can say it, but then you just show that you are a big idiot. And that’s usually what medical researchers are and how they like to show themselves off. I don’t understand why anyone would do that, but I suppose they get paid well enough for it. And money obviously makes up for everything.


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