Eating food

A study has shown that the average Australian eats too big amounts of food. Of course we all knew that and a study was hardly necessary. But every time again I am surprised about the amount of nonsense such studies produce.

“Most Aussies don’t know the difference between a portion and a serve”. I don’t know either, because such terminology is completely irrelevant, especially when you don’t consume processed foods. One serving of nuts is pretty exactly the amount I need to eat to get enough energy till the next meal.

The researchers admit that we are all different and have a different need for kilojoules. But then in the next sentence they talk about the “average adult”. Have you ever met the average person in any area? Me either. But all these medical and food scientists couldn’t do anything without their neat tables for the “average person”. Anyone who isn’t the average person can easily get wrong information. And yes, that’s almost everyone.468593-3b06d3fa-c3c3-11e4-bdbb-25549bb81a95

Interesting is also that they put vegetables and legumes in the same category. Try to eat the volume of a big potato in kidney beans and you know the difference. And fruits come in such a huge variety that it’s absurd to stick with the “two serves” standard. A cup of strawberries doesn’t fill that much, but one apple can keep you going for hours. And a 1.50m woman probably can’t even eat a whole apple at once. And yes, there it is again: the lean meat. Obviously the “fat is bad” story keeps going. Or maybe it’s just the “saturated fat is bad” story that is so stubborn. Fat is healthy and animal fat is superior to vegetable fats. Most vegetable oils are toxic rubbish, but even the good ones should not replace the animal fats that the human race has survived on for many thousands of years. Saturated fat is healthy, it tastes good, it’s versatile and it fills. Butter should be a staple in every household.

So let’s have a look at the “science based” advices at the end of the article. You shouldn’t be really label weary. You should eat things that don’t come with a label. Measuring your food? Do they really want everyone to carefully weigh everything so that every day they can have meals that are perfect for the average person? Hilarious. Not eating from the pack isn’t such a bad tip, but better would be to tell people to eat prepacked food not more than twice a week. And that means all prepacked foods. Thinking small isn’t necessarily a good idea. If you only have small bowls and plates you might not eat enough to get you through the day and you will easily start snacking on whatever is available. It’s a good idea to train yourself not to overeat, but for the rest eating real food is the best way to go. You don’t overeat that easily on porridge, but sugary breakfast cereals disappear quickly. Eating mindfully? The easiest way to do that is to cook your own meals from scratch.

This whole study should only lead to one conclusion (one that we already knew for decades): eat real food and stay away from the processed rubbish. But they can’t say that, for the food industry would not like that.


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