The evolution of fiction

Evolution is a sensitive area of science, as it’s usually connected with creation as a “one or the other” combination. But it’s called science and so it should live up to that standard. So the researchers who have found a fossil jaw in Ethiopia, what have they actually found? 6281204-3x2-700x467

First of all the scientists admit that they don’t have any fossils that show creatures in between apes and humans. Actually, they don’t have any fossils that show in between stages between any species. That inconvenient fact is usually kept silent. But this jaw is said to “provide clues” and “suggest that”. Phew, that doesn’t only sound like assumptions, they are assumptions. The Australopithecus genus has been labeled an extinct kind of ape, that was the ancestor of the human race. But there is no proof for that. A suggested link between a group of species that is assumed to be 3 million years old and a group of species that is assumed to be 2 million years old has nothing to do with science.

Findings like this make the news every few years. Usually they come with a headline like “finally the missing link has been found” and a few years later they have finally found the missing like again. And again and again. The reason for this is that it is always proven later that the fossil that was found was either from an ape or from a human and not from something in between. But even if they would find a fossil that would indeed look very much like an in between species, then still that wouldn’t prove anything. For if evolution happened the way it is said, then the earth should be filled with fossils of in between species. And those species would still exist nowadays.

The main problem with this kind of science is that it’s absolutely impossible to say with any kind of certainty what happened before 10,000 years ago. When nobody was there to write it down and nobody was there to pass on stories, then everything you find is open to guesses and wild interpretations. That’s why evolutionary science is nothing more than pure fiction. Many people don’t like to hear that, but it’s just true. That doesn’t mean you should immediately start believe in a god who created the world, but when science is not based on facts it’s fiction.6281216-3x2-700x467

The truth is that it’s impossible to scientifically prove evolution, as they are based on opposite principles. Science is based on the assumption that things stay the same, e.g. iron doesn’t change into gold, water has always been H2O, chemical processes don’t change, the light has always gone this fast etc. You cannot practice any kind of science without these assumptions. But evolution is based on the theory that everything changes and always has changed and that in a completely random way. You see the friction? You cannot have your cake and eat it. Sorry for those who don’t like it, but science and evolution just cannot go together. Whoever tries it produces fiction.


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