Too hot or too cold?

Scientists fear for the future of the emperor penguin, based on data from the last 30,000 years. How did they get these data? The article doesn’t say, but considering that nobody was there that long ago to count them and log the numbers, I guess these data are based on assumptions. But somehow they manage to make these data say that climate change is dangerous for the poor penguins.

They say that the number of penguins went down considerably during the last ice age. That might be true, but so what? Obviously the species survived just fine, as the emperor penguin is not an endangered species. During such very cold periods there is probably less food and so the number of animals goes down. That’s normal and it has happened many times with all species. Nature is perfectly able to balance such things.6266938-3x2-700x467

But that was the cold. And somehow the same fate will wait for the penguins now it’s warmer. How they come to that conclusion is unclear. Wishful thinking to keep the climate change myth going? Is sure sounds like it. For there is a suggestion that less ice will mean a smaller habitat, but the problem is that there isn’t any less ice. Some parts of the antarctic melt, but right now more ice is growing at other parts of the same continent. The total amount of ice is growing pretty rapidly.

But don’t worry about such details. Climate scientists are getting desperate very quickly now, as even the official sources of information admit to very inconvenient facts. The earth is not warming up anymore and the antarctic is growing. If I were a climate scientist I would also get nervous about my job. For I don’t think there will be a lot of employment waiting for them once they have become redundant. So we can expect a lot more of such totally absurd messages in the new media. The house of cards is collapsing and I don’t envy those who will be under the debris. But if they get out in time they might actually be able to find a real job.


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