Tasmanian devils

Researchers think they are step closer to developing a vaccine against the tumours that are a serious problem among Tasmanian devils. It’s a fact that these animals are very sick and that something must be done to prevent extinction. But a vaccine is most definitely not the way to go. Still that seems to be all the researchers seem to think about.

The immune system of the poor devils cannot fight of this disease and that’s a worry. But nobody seems eager to answer the question why this happens. Not only humans have immune system problems, but animals seem to get it more and more as well. The answer is clearly in the environment. There are toxic substances in the habitat of the Tasmanian devil that cause these problems. Find and eliminate the toxins and the problem will solve itself. It’s really not that hard to see.

4373822-3x2-940x627But the researchers don’t care and inject the devils with a substance that induces inflammation, because that somehow would be good for them. Don’t they know that inflammation is health danger number one? Humans and animals alike have a lot of inflammatory diseases and they cause a lot of suffering and death. Inducing it to cure an animal is pretty close to insanity.

The article doesn’t mention the word virus, but that’s obviously what they are talking about. They assume the devils suffer from an infectious disease, but it’s much more likely that they all suffer from the same environmental pollution. As I have mentioned several times before, viruses don’t make sick. Virology is a hoax. Viruses make healthy and all creatures badly need them. But without dangerous viruses there can’t be any vaccines, so the myth needs to be kept alive no matter what. That it doesn’t make sense is irrelevant. That it’s clearly incorrect doesn’t matter. That vaccines don’t work is not important. That it’s the environment that makes sick is ignored.

Unless researchers find the cause of the disease and eliminate it the Tasmanian devil will probably be extinct 50 years from now. And that has nothing to do with a mysterious infectious disease, but all with human actions. In the end the devils will just be another victim of human greed and misbehaviour. And that’s the only thing that needs a cure, but few people want it.


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