Gold or silver, nature wins

Researchers have found a sibling of the MRSA bacteria and want to study it to see how bacteria become super bugs. “They hope the discovery of Staphylococcus argenteus will help them understand…” So they have some hope to find some understanding of why bacteria survive in spite of humans trying to eradicate them. I wish them good luck. Maybe they will find some understanding, but so what? Will it help the world at all? That’s not likely.6246956-1x1-340x340

From the very first use of penicillin it was known that bacteria became resistant. So they knew that the era of antibiotics wouldn’t last too long. And doctors also have known for a long time that overuse of antibiotics would speed up this developing resistance. But that has never bothered them. Anno 2015 Australian doctors still prescribe antibiotics like they are lollies. The government has even started information campaigns toward the people that “you shouldn’t ask for antibiotics for a cold”. Sorry, but I thought that doctors who charge $55 for a consultation should know that antibiotics shouldn’t be prescribed for a viral infection and they simply should refuse to do so.

But it’s too late anyway. The golden era of antibiotics is over, even if these well-paid researchers will get some understanding of the process of resistance. It’s not like a lot of new antibiotics are developed. The reason for that is simply that antibiotics cure and there is no money in a drug that is only taken for ten days. Nobody is interested in developing them, so I fail to understand what this kind of research is good for.

New antibiotics aren’t necessary anyway, for very good ones already exist. Nature provides us with garlic, silver, oil of oregano, coconut oil and many other antibiotic substances. And the new kid on the block, MMS (Mircacle Mineral Solution) might not be really natural, but it’s safe and highly effective against all kinds of bacterial infections. And the good things of all these are that they don’t kill the gut bacteria and don’t create resistance. Isn’t that great? There is no need anymore for researching antibiotics! Can anyone tell this to these researchers?


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