Use your brain!

And there it is: the next “breakthrough” in medical science. It’s such a shame that most of these breakthroughs never make it any further than a lab. Else doctors would have actually something real to offer to the sick. Researchers have found a way to use peptides, so that stroke victims might be protected from brain damage. If that would work that would indeed be a useful treatment.4281756-3x2-340x227

The problem is that this research has only been done in rats and it’s known that most of the rat tests don’t work when done in humans. That is a reason why you should seriously wonder if all the animals used for medical research are tortured for a good reason. I tend to answer that question negatively. But that’s an ethical topic and not immediately scientific. But the very high failure rate is a fact and that makes this finding hardly a breakthrough. It’s nothing more than an interesting finding that has a very small chance of ever making it into a real treatment. That these tiny things are breakthroughs nowadays shows the poor state of medical research.

But what bothers me more is that these people don’t care about the huge number of people getting a stroke. If 50,000 Australians get a stroke every year, that’s a huge national health problem. Why don’t these researchers find out what is the cause of that and start to prevent this horrible number? That is something that would work a lot faster, a lot better and a lot cheaper. But then of course they wouldn’t have any work left to do in their fancy labs.

150 years strokes happened, but they were very rare. So what has changed since? Not our genes, but our environment and lifestyles. Cardiovascular diseases, like strokes and heart attacks, are caused by ourselves and can be prevented by taking away the cause. Junk food is a very big cause and removing all processed foods from our supermarkets would quickly reduce the number of strokes by 50% or more. No sugar, no highly processed fats like canola oil, no white bread or pasta, but vegetables with butter sauce instead. It would do miracle for the health of our population.

Another big cause of strokes is prescription medication. Many drugs carry the risk of a stroke and most of these drugs are completely unnecessary to start with. So that could be a very easy win. And if people would eat healthy they wouldn’t feel like they need drugs anyway.

But we all know these changes won’t happen. The food industry is powerful and the people are so much used to their daily junk diet that many don’t even know anymore what’s the difference between real food and processed food. Nowadays many people think they have a healthy diet when they get 20% of their daily calories from junk. And the pharmaceutical industry is even more powerful. There is no way doctors will be encouraged to prescribe carrots and lettuce instead of pills. So iatrogenic (caused by doctor) strokes will forever remain a big part of the total number.

So unless we have a total make over of our society and especially our medical system, nothing will change and scientists will be paid for useless research that at the very best can provide a band-aid.

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