A banana is healthy

Australian scientists are scared that funding will be cut. I can imagine, for these are well-paid jobs and you wouldn’t want to lose them. But is it really bad if medical science doesn’t get truck loads of money?

Every year a trillion dollars (that’s a careful estimate) is spent on medical research world wide. That’s a thousand times a thousand times a million dollars. And what do we get for that money? Everywhere in the world the people get sicker and sicker and cures are still as rare as ever. So what is all this research money used for? That’s a good question, as obviously it does not go to finding cures for diseases. That’s not necessary anyway, as cures are all around. A simple change of diet can do miracles and many people have got cured from nasty disease by simply leaving out certain foods. I am one of them, so I know what I’m talking about. Medical research hadn’t done me any good and doctors couldn’t help me. But not eating oats and potatoes anymore almost completely cured me within a few weeks. (That doesn’t mean that the same foods are your problem. It’s an individual thing. An elimination diet will tell you more.)

Then there are all the other natural therapies, like herbs, essential oils and homeopathy. Scientists say that these therapies have not been scientifically proven to be effective. Well, herbs have been used for as long as the earth exists, usually with very good results. And they are cheap and safe, so what’s the problem? And homeopathy cannot work according to those same scientists, because chemical analysis shows no molecules in the remedies. Pharmaceuticals are based on chemistry, so obviously that means every medicine should be based on chemistry. But there’s also physics, which is a science that’s just as important as chemistry. Homeopathy works with energy and that’s pure physics. Herbs work with both chemistry and physics and that’s why commercial preparations with a standardized amount of “active ingredient” are not the best choice.

5838768-3x2-340x227But back to our well-paid scientists. Did they achieve some good things during the past few decades? Of course they did. The bionic ear is a good thing, for a very small group of people. Some kinds of transplants might be a good option. But it’s not convincing to also mention the HPV vaccine, which is quackery at best, but probably just a very, very dangerous hoax. Does this professor really want more money to kill healthy people? It surely sounds like it.

If you want to stay healthy, stay away from doctors as much as possible, never take any vaccines or other pharmaceuticals, eat healthy, stay away from chemicals as much as possible and take some supplements. If everyone would do that we wouldn’t need to spend a trillion dollars a year for useless research. And if good health makes a country a banana republic, then I would happily live in one. Till then I will eat another banana. That’s good for me.


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