Drug aids

Scientists have found a new drug that shields monkey against the animal version of HIV. What does that mean? I can tell you: it means that the scientists can stay in their jobs for a lot more time. For the rest it means nothing whatsoever.

First monkey aren’t humans and though they are used a lot in drug trials that doesn’t mean they are equal to humans. Many, many monkeys are killed for drugs that never even make it to the market and for many other drugs that are just as ineffective as most others. I wonder why animal protection organisations don’t object more to this. Animal testing is largely useless, because all animal species are different and many, many trials that seem successful in animals completely fail once trialed in humans.5077236-3x2-340x227

But there are many more problems with this research. First of all, the animal version of HIV has nothing to do with HIV. That’s just an assumption, but science should be about facts. Second, there is no proof whatsoever that HIV causes aids. There is now non-HIV aids and HIV non-aids and everything in between. The virus has never been proven to cause disease (just like all viruses) and the tests aren’t any more reliable than flipping a coin.

And have you ever realized how different the symptoms of aids are? It’s a completely different disease in American gays than in European haemophiliacs than in Australian straight women than in African children. How does the virus know who it has infected? Once you start digging into this “science” you find that it’s nothing more than fiction, very dangerous fiction.

But that doesn’t bother these scientists. They just try to find a new drug, a drug for whatever they want to find. The anti-retroviral drugs that are currently used are extremely toxic and kill the patients in large numbers. The only people with a HIV diagnosis who often stay healthy are those who stay far away from the drugs. It’s the drugs that kill, not the virus. So what will this new drug be? My guess is it will be just as toxic as all other drugs. The scientists say that the monkeys thrived after the injection, but how can anyone check that? It’s not like we have access to the details of the study.

Pharmaceutical drugs are always toxic, so it’s highly unlikely the monkeys thrive. But they want to develop a vaccine and all vaccine science is dodgy at the best, so this won’t be any different. The efficacy of this drug is tested the regular way, but the test is based on assumptions that haven’t been proven. So if the assumptions are wrong, the tests are wrong and the research is of no value whatsoever. But who cares about that? Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. And don’t get discouraged that they probably don’t have enough time to ever get this vaccine on the market. The vaccine house of cards is collapsing quickly and once that’s gone nobody will take a vaccine again. But till then these scientists have a well paid job and that also counts for something, doesn’t it?

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