Healthy berries

There is a lot of hassle about some frozen berries that are said to have caused hepatitis A in some people. But is this possible and how much fact is there in this story?

Let’s stick with the usual explanation of viruses as disease causing organisms. Then it could be possible that the berries were contaminated. But they were frozen and transported and there was a lot of time between contamination and consumption. Viruses can’t live outside a host, so how did they survive? They don’t, but that would make things too complicated, so now at once they do survice freezing and thawing and the months in between. How does professor Palombo know that? It’s impossible to see live viruses under a microscope. A normal microscope isn’t strong enough to see these tiny things and an electron microscope kills them. So you can only see dead viruses in any sample. So it’s impossible to know if these viruses were still alive after freezing! This is simply said because “it must be alive”. That’s not science, that’s pure assumptions.6115358-3x2-340x227

The same goes for killing the virus with heat. Whatever temperature is mentioned, it’s nothing but an assumption, based on observations and unproven theories. Bacteria survive freezing and can indeed make sick when a contaminated product is not handled properly. But bacteria are not viruses and lumping them together in one box is dumb. They obviously hope that the general public doesn’t know the difference, which is quite insulting.

So what is the chance that the berries were the cause of this disease? It’s nothing but a common factor among all that have gotten sick. But is it the only one? That’s impossible to say if you don’t know what they have looked at. But there is a big chance that they have overlooked another factor, which isn’t politically or medically correct. The scientists most probably already had made up their minds about the cause. It’s Hepatitis A, so it must be a virus, so it must be from food. Something like that.

But viruses don’t make sick. They are the result of disease, not the cause. So it’s very likely that there was nothing wrong with the poor berries and they are just blamed because “they have to be the cause”. This has nothing to do with science. It’s fiction based on medical theories and political correctness.


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