Breakthroughs everywhere

The medical researchers are busy as ever, trying to find highly sophisticated treatments for diseases that are almost completely caused by environment and lifestyle. This time they have found a molecule that might help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, arthritis and MS. These are diseases that were very rare or completely non-existent 150 years ago and now they are becoming epidemic. So it’s very obvious that the diseases are not caused by faulty bodies, but that there are external factors that cause the disease. Remove these factors and the diseases will pretty much disappear. Simple, isn’t it? Way too simple, of course.

Medical scientists don’t do obvious and simple. They always prefer the absurd and very complicated, because that’s where the money and the prestige are. At least a trillion dollars is spent each year on medical research and the results are close to non-existent. The world population is getting sicker and sicker and cures are still very rare. Well, the cures often exist, but only for those who are willing to leave the mainstream medical system. Then they enter the area of natural therapies and at once simple remedies can cause huge improvements and often a complete cure, no matter what the disease is. But there is no prestige in good food, herbs or even homeopathy. These are boring therapies from 100 or 1000 years ago, when good health was the standard and chronic and degenerative diseases were rare.

But back to our researchers, who have found something that “COULD be the key to IMPROVED treatments”. Everything else that’s said in this article has the same words. It all “could” lead to, but there is no proof for it yet. And this is called a breakthrough. Well, if possibilities for a slightly better treatment are a breakthrough, then that says enough about the quality of medical research. Very often we read about such “breakthroughs” and we never hear about them again, because in the end the theories couldn’t be applied in real life.6126978-3x2-340x227

The professor doesn’t know “whether the molecule could cure inflammatory diseases or just treat the symptoms”. Again that “could”. And what are the chances that any medical research will lead to a cure? I can answer that question for you: very, very small. And that’s how they want it. For if all patients would get cured, they would be out of work. So they keep telling everyone how important and scientific their research is and that patients shouldn’t waste their money on “unproven natural therapies”.

And then the last sentence is the cherry on the cake: The research was published in the journal Nature Medicine. From all absurd titles this one takes the cake.

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