Life of death

The statistics (dangerous stuff!) show that the number of cancer cases in Queensland has tripled over the last 30 years. 6106854-3x2-340x227 That’s scary, isn’t it? Especially as this is the trend all over the country and all over the world. So let’s see what’s really happening.

Where does this increase come from? Of course it’s for a big part that people simply get cancer a lot more and die from it a lot more. And that’s a very bad thing. But this number also increases considerably with every screening that’s widely implemented. For many people who never would have known they had cancer now at once get a cancer diagnosis. In many cases prostate cancer doesn’t cause any problems and the men will die of old age, never knowing they had cancer. Unless they get screened. Many women are diagnosed with breast cancer, though they only have DCIS, which in most cases will never become life threatening. Also other breast cancers are so slow growing that the women would never have know they had it. But they get mammograms and at once they are a cancer patient. It’s impossible to say how many unnecessary cancer diagnoses there are, but the number must be substantial.

But the good news is that the number of people surviving has risen. Well, is that really that good? First: surviving means that five years after the diagnosis you are still alive. This doesn’t mean you are cancer free and it doesn’t mean that eventually you won’t die from it. It’s a smoke screen that must hide that the conventional cancer treatment are a horrible failure. And it’s the reason for the success of screening: if you are diagnosed two years earlier it’s a lot easier to reach that five years mark. That doesn’t mean these people don’t die from it.

The truth is that the usual therapies, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, have a very bad track record. For all cancers together the cure rate of these treatments is around 2%. For some it’s a lot higher, for others it’s 0%. But you won’t read about that in the papers and oncologists won’t tell you that. For why would anyone get these horrible treatments for such a small chance of a cure? Maybe for some people it’s good enough to live a few years longer, even if that means poor quality of life. But is that good enough for a child, a teenager, a young mother, or a new grandfather? I would think they would rather be cured.

The carefully hidden fact is that not that many people die from cancer. Most patients die from the cancer treatments. Some die immediately, others die five or even ten years later. But it kills them anyway. It’s a known fact that most cancer patients would live considerably longer without treatment than if they get conventional treatments.

So what options are there? Well, there are hundreds of highly effective natural cancer treatments available. They are cheap, easy, non-toxic and if you combine a few you have at least 90% chance of a complete cure. But most people don’t know about this. And if they are told, they often respond that there is no scientific proof for these treatments. Well, there is a lot of scientific proof for conventional treatments: proof that they kill a lot more patients than they cure. So wouldn’t you rather take your chances with therapies that might not have official proof, but have cured so many thousands of people, many of whom had been given up by their doctors? I would say it’s a no brainer.

But keep in mind: if you cure yourself that way you will end up in the statistics as a cancer treatment success story. Nothing like manipulation of numbers to make horror fiction look like science.


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