Obviously too many people start to realise that the whole climate change story is nothing but a hoax, for Australian climate scientists have decided to publish a booklet with “information”. Of course that’s nothing else than the usual rubbish repeated and repeated. 5955884-3x2-340x227The brochure also shows a remarkable lack of facts. It’s just the usual scare stories, but they don’t seem to be based on any real science. And that’s the problem. The fast growing number of people who realise there is no man made climate change won’t be convinced anymore by a repetition of the usual stuff. They have heard that already a few hundred times and they know it’s not true. Whenever scientists start to produce these kinds of booklets you know they are desparate. They know their show is almost over and still give it a last try to save their jobs and reputations. It never works of course.

You can see this kind of actions in more areas of science. A good example is vaccinations. The science behind vaccinations is just as shonky as the science behind climate change. And people start to realize that in large numbers. So governments and doctors start to produce booklets, articles, posters and all kinds of other things trying to convince the public. But they don’t have any new information and the old mantras have got worn and are full of holes. People don’t fall for them anymore, no matter how often they are repeated. That it’s tried anyway shows a clear desparation.

Holding on so strongly to something you know is incorrect is really pathetic. But it’s very common among scientists. It would save a lot of paper if all these people would simply admit that it’s over. They can at least admit it to themselves and then keep the scams going for as long as possible. Now they just make fools of themselves, showing the world that they were never scientists in the first place. They were just story tellers.


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