Blame genes to hide the truth

The medical researchers have found another gentic defect that causes disease. This time it’s cerebral palsy. CP is brain damage, which can be caused by a variety of things. Often a traumatic birth causes the damage, but many of these babies had normal births and were perfectly healthy till a a few months of age. So the obvious conclusion is that something happened to these children that caused the brain damage.

Like I said in yesterday’s blog post, genetic diseases don’t really exist. A genetic predisposition is the most you can have. And yes, some people, both children and adults, are more sensitive to environmental influences. But still, without that influence they wouldn’t get sick. Something must happen to cause brain damage in susceptible children.6089012-3x2-340x227

So what happens with a baby after it has been born and gets a perfect apgar score? It will get injected with an extreme overdose of synthetic vitamin K and then it gets a completely unnecessary hepatitis B vaccine. Especially the vaccine is known for it’s very quick side effects. Many perfectly healthy babies never got out of the hospital, because this vaccine gave them such serious brain damage that they died. But let’s assume the baby survives this without any immediate problems and goes home. It drinks and sleeps and drinks and sleeps and that’s about it.

Till around the age of 2 months something happens again. They get their first truckload of vaccines and many babies start screaming and won’t stop screaming for many hours. It’s recoganized that this is caused by brain inflammation, a known side effect of vaccines. This is also the moment that the first neurological symptoms start to show up. Doctors call this coincidence, but nobody with a bit of common sense would believe that. Cause and effect are clear. Sometimes the damage shows up very quickly and sometimes it takes weeks, or even months. And that’s the likely cause of CP in many babies who were born normally and were perfectly healthy.

Doctors prefer to say that the baby was already sick, but it wasn’t noticed. But how can a doctor miss this? They rather label themselves completely incompetent than that they admit the vaccines caused the damage. For the holy cow of vaccines must be protected at any price, even if the price is many severely handicapped babies.

There are other reasons why healthy babies get brain damage, but it’s most definitely not genes. If these researchers are so eager to prevent CP, let them start with one of the obvious causes. But blaming genes saves the sacred cow and keeps the researchers in a job. And severely handicapped children are just collateral damage.


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