The fear of bacteria

In Sydney someone with tuberculosis has frequented a day care centre and now they want to test everyone. But what is the use of this?

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection and just like all other bacterial infections you don’t get sick from it as long as you have a good immune system. As long as you eat good food, live in a clean environment, stay away from toxic substances as much as possible and keep stress under control your chances of getting any of these bacterial disease is extremely small. The reason why we don’t have a lot of tuberculosis in Australia anymore has nothing to do with antibiotics, but with 4495510-3x2-340x227better living circumstances.

The news article doesn’t mention who was the person with tuberculosis and why that person has it. But testing everyone is completely ridiculous and will inevitably lead to unnecessary medical tests and treatments. In contrast with what people think, x-rays are not harmless and shouldn’t be taken unless absolutely necessary. And children are at a much higher risk for radiation damage. Also talking to a medical specialist gives a high risk for unnecessary and potentially dangerous treatments. In Australia doctors still prescribe antibiotics like they are lollies and in case of a possible tuberculosis infection it’s highly unlikely that these specialists won’t prescribe them, “just in case there is an infection”. But antibiotics not only cause bacteria to become resistant, they also severely damage your gut bacteria and you need those very badly if you have any kind of infection. Preventative antibiotics are medical malpractice.

So what about this test? When you look up what this Mantoux test is, then you quickly learn that it’s not a reliable test at all, so you can expect loads of false positives. If you ever have been infected with tuberculosis, whether you got sick or not, you will probably get a positive test result. And what these doctors completely ignore is that these infections are actually quite common. Real numbers are impossible to give, because very few people get sick. They will only know they had an infection if at some point in life they get this test.

So all those kids will have to get this very nasty prick test and another one in two months time. It’s unclear whether the test is safe for children, because nobody looks at such things. We can only hope that none of those kids will get a positive test result, for then they will be at the mercy of doctors who have absolutely no clue what tuberculosis is. The adults involved can make their own decisions, but children can not. And they should be protected, not against tuberculosis, but against ignorant doctors.


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