Putting on airs

The medical researchers are on it again. They are going to induce asthma attacks to help people breathe easier. Can it get any worse in the medical world? (Yes, it can, for they keep surprising me with their insanities.) This time they are going to use a highly toxic drug to inhibit a gene they think has something to do with asthma.

6088286-3x2-340x227This drug might or might not have any effect, but that’s not the point. First of all it’s unethical, even when the patients agree, to make asthma patients dangerously sick. Anyone who has ever had a severe asthma attack will have to admit that there are no safe conditions for this. It’s horrible and it should be cured. But this new drug won’t cure. If it has any effect, it will be minor. But the drug tested is an immunosuppressive drug and they are horrible things, which completely undermine your immune system. We are all born with a neat system that keeps all kinds of health problems at bay, but medical researchers don’t care about nature and perfectly working systems. They happily mess them up, thinking they are some kind of god.

Asthma is not a genetic disease in any way, shape or form. Genetice diseases don’t even exist. The only thing that exists is a genetic predisposition. Whether that predisposition leads to disease depends on the circumstances: environment and lifestyle. It’s amazing how much positive influence a drastic change of lifestyle can have on chronic diseases. But these medical researchers don’t care about the facts of life. They only care about fancy studies and prestigious research. That they will no doubt kill many patients with their drugs is not something they take into consideration.

And the patients? They don’t know that they can take things into their own hands. Way too many people still have a blind trust in the medical profession and just believe everything they are told. I can’t blame desparate patients for joining this insane trial. But the researchers should be locked up.

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