It’s a cold

No, this won’t be another post about global cooling. It’s about sneezing and runny noses. For scientists have found something that “gets them a step closer to curing colds“. And this wishful thinking is announced as a breakthrough.

First of all: who cares about a cold anyway? It’s a bit unpleasant, but it usually doesn’t last longer than five days and then it’s over. Unless you are very weak, malnourished, loaded with toxic chemicals and highly stressed it’s no big deal. Oh wait, that description goes for half of Australia nowadays. But instead of solving that problem we are obviously in need of a cure for a cold.

Let’s see what the other problems are. First of all this shock: there is no proof whatsoever that viruses make us sick. You don’t believe it? You can check it yourself in any book about virology. Virology is based on the never proven assumption that “virus + disease = virus causes disease”. And virologists still have no idea how any virus causes certain symptoms. Virology is a hoax. Let’s look at it from another side: nature is perfectly in balance and everything has a place. So how does that combine with organisms that only exist to cause disease? It doesn’t. Viruses do exist, but they are important for our wellbeing. They are our friends, not our enemies.

Did you recover from this shock? Probably not, for it took me months after this discovery to get my mind around the idea that we all have been fooled for more than a hundred years. But well, if there is no virus of any kind that causes our runny nose, then how will eliminating this virus prevent the cold? Exactly, it won’t. But don’t worry about that, for the scientist don’t worry about it either. They have created completely ineffective vaccines against viruses for hundreds of years and they really won’t stop with that now.

The article says that they hope to find a drug. Aha! That’s what it’s about: we don’t take enough pharmaceuticals and don’t make enough fuss about colds. So they will come with a phantasy theory based on an unproven assumption to sell us a toxic drug that won’t work against a disease that’s no big deal. But I’m sure that by the time their drug is on the market they will call the media to make sure we will all get convinced that colds are dangerous and should be treated immediately with drugs. Maybe we should even take those drugs permanently to avoid the colds? It sounds ridiculous, but not more ridiculous than any other drug that is supposed to prevent disease.

If you have a cold, stay at home for a few days, drink a lot of hot tea and take a lot of vitamin C and you will be fine. Really.


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