Hot or cold?

The climate council of Australia says that the record heat from 2013 couldn’t have happened without man made climate change. And other organisations say that 2014 was even hotter. It really seems to get hotter every year, no matter what the temperatures are.

I remember 2013 very well, because it was an usual year weatherwise. Summer was actually quite cool, with just two very high peaks. Autumn was normal and winter was a bit warmer than average, but then spring came. And it was cold! It was so cold that mid October many people were freezing in their t-shirts, as they had already put away the warm winter clothes. Two weeks later not a lot of people were shivering anymore, not because it had warmed up, but because they had come to their senses and got warm clothes out of storage. In the north of NSW there was snow in November and it was first early December that I finally put my jumpers away.

Of course it’s possible that the whole country was very hot and that we lived at the only spot that was so cold, but I think that would have been mentioned in the news.

The same story goes for 2014. It wasn’t that hot at all and actually it was quite pleasant, though the summer lasted very long. But no way was it a very hot summer, at least not in reality. But somehow the scientists find ways to manipulate the numbers in such a way that miraculously another not-so-hot year turned into the hottest one on record.

But the computer models say it and so it must be true. Forget that computer models only use the information the researchers first put in. Forget that all these computer models so far have been consistently wrong. Forget about the facts and just produce something really, really scary. And obviously the numbers themselves aren’t scary enough. It comes with the prediction that Australia will get so hot that in 50 years we will all get barbecued in summer. This sounds so much like a joke that I wonder if this guy takes himself seriously. But I’m afraid he does, for his job depends on it. For he’s chief concillor of the “climate council”. Any group with that name per definition will come with scary predictions to justify its existence.

Obviously nobody told professor Flannery that the IPCC has officially stated that the earth is not warming up anymore, but is actually cooling down. Never let the facts get in the way of really, really scary story!


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