Spacy messages

Astronomers have made another discovery. Let’s look at the article.

– There COULD be hundreds of billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy which MIGHT support life

– … predict the number of planets which COULD be orbiting stars

– These planets are THOUGHT…

– … applied a 200-year-old IDEA

– So based on that we made PREDICTIONS about where other planets WOULD be IF this pattern CAN be successfully extrapolated beyond what is normally seen

– The revelation that many more planets than previously thought COULD contain life

– The problem is our techniques to detect planets have very strong BIASES against being able to find planets in the habitable zone

– … but his team developed the THEORY to help identify possible sites.

– He said the lack of confirmed signs of life or aliens from other planets could be because it is harder for life to emerge than BELIEVED.

I can only add one more thing to this: keep dreaming and in the meantime get yourselves a job. This has absolutely nothing to do with science. It’s just an extremely overpaid hobby.


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