Not so cool science

Obviously loads of people questioned the statement of NASA that 2014 was the hottest year on record, for now it’s news that the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) says the same. Well, actually the WMO says that it wasn’t that warm and it’s simply in the margin of error. But that’s not politically correct, so their big boss quickly adds that there is definitely a warming trend. That sounds a lot like wishful thinking.

What is really funny is that they compare the temperatures of 2014 with the temperatures from 1961-1990 and then they come to conclusions. But there’s a minor problem with this: that was exactly the period that the temperatures were going down! Especially in the 1970’s there were many panicky headlines in the newspapers about the pending new ice age and how that would cause famines all over the world. That ice age didn’t happen  and the temperatures went up again. But this comparison is completely absurd and says absolutely nothing about global warming. It just says that these people make up all kinds of things, just whatever suits them.

Reality is that temperature records from 20 or more years ago are completely useless for comparison with temperatures now, simply because the weather stations that record the temperatures are not at the same locations anymore. They might be a the same spot, but many used to be in the open field and are now in the middle of a busy suburb. That influences the temperatures with many degrees. Scientists admit that this Urban Heat Island Effect exist, but they quickly add that “they correct for that”. How? There is no way you can ever reliably calculate how much extra warmt the UHIE causes at a specific spot. So those calculations are wild guesses that can produce whatever they want.

The IPCC has admitted that the warming trend has stopped, but obvioulsy the WMO has missed that one. That doesn’t matter, for “it’s only a short break” anyway. How they can be so sure what the future brings is unclear. Unless of course they have the computer models ready yet, which will show the results for this year and next year and the five years after. It’s all wishful thinking anyway, so what does it matter when you make a model? The only important thing is that people keep believing in man made climate change and keep paying the nice wages of these climate researchers. And to achieve that they must come with more and more desperate statements.


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