Microscopically useful research

Researchers in Melbourne have got a new toy: a super microscope. Now they can look at atoms better. And this “could help find better treatments for diseases including cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis”. Could help? That doesn’t sound very impressive. Better treatments? What about a cure? But wait, medical researchers aren’t interested in finding cures for diseases, for that would make their jobs redundant. And these people don’t make minimum wages, so they want to make sure they can keep doing their well-paid, but utterly useless research.

Yes, utterly useless. Medical researcher is a quite new profession. You can’t give it a specific date of course, but it’s largely something from the last 60 years. During those few decades trillions of dollars have been spent on this kind of research and what is the result? We are all so sick that sick has become the new healthy. Young children with eczema and regular ear infections are “fine”. Young people with asthma are “fine”, as long as they take daily medication. Regular bad headaches and concentration problems at age 40? “I’m in good health”. New knees at age 60 are becoming the standard. And after 70 you are expected to have all kinds of health complaints.
And what do doctors offer? Very little. They don’t have much more than a prescription for pharmaceuticals, which at best suppress the symptoms, but don’t make you any healthier.

And then there are all the people who die from diseases (not from accidents or murder) at a way too young age. Childhood cancer? Muscular dystrophy in teenagers? Dying from MS at age 40? It becomes more and more common and all those researchers don’t do anything to stop this. And they don’t find any cures. They just play with their $5 million toy and pretend they are doing useful work.

The truth is that many of these diseases can easily be prevented and cured, but that requires drastic lifestyle changes. And nobody can make money from lifestyle changes, so this is not advertised. But those who have got their lives back with simple things like a change in diet know what I’m talking about.


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