Cool satellite

NASA has sent a satellite into orbit, that must help measuring climate change. And we all know that NASA only does useful things, right?

Obvioulsy NASA knows how everything on earth is linked to each other and influences each other. That’s why they can measure a tiny bit of moisture and come to conclusions about the fate of the earth. And this satellite can also measure if there is a drought or a flood somewhere. But I think that simply asking the people in that area would give a much cheaper and more accurate answer, though possibly not in nice numbers.

This new satellite will measure the moisture in the top 5 cm of the earth. 5 cm? So if I water my plants that makes a difference in climate change? Probably not. It is more likely that it will only take data from certain areas, so that the data will nicely meet the requirements. NASA admits that what they measure is only 1% of the total amount of water, so how does that help making predictions about climate change?

But it’s nice for the climate scientists. They will just get more useless data for their computer models, which for decades have been consistently wrong. This satellite is nothing more than a toy and for $916 million dollar it’s a very expensive toy. They should better stick with plastic models and a tube of hobby glue.

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