Personalised poison

The USA is always the place where everything starts, isn’t it? So it’s not surprising that the newest medical research project also starts there. Scientists are going to store genetic information, so that they can make personalised medicine. This is supposed to be very helpful.

First of all you must realize that the pharmaceuticals-based medical system we have now is only about 100 years old. Before that medicine was food, herbs and hoemopathy, with a few other medicines (e.g. morphine and quinine). And people were actually really healthy. Cancer was rare and limited to the old people, chronic and degenerative diseases were very rare and many were non-existent before 1900. And nobody died from medical treatment. Anno 2015 millions of people die every year as the direct or indirect result of pharmaceutical drugs, which don’t cure anyone. What’s good about that?

So what is it about our genes? I tell you a secret: our genes haven’t changed much in three generations. So how can it be that now our genes are responsible for all the diseases we have? The answer is simple: they aren’t. Genetic make-up at best means a certain predisposition for a disease, but even that link isn’t very strong.

So this new research will simply mean non-existent genetic factors will be the basis for drugs that per definition will be highly toxic and highly ineffective. Hardly something to be proud of.


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