Nuts about peanuts

I read on the ABC website that scientists have found something that could be a possible cure for peanut allergies. Sounds great, doesn’t it, considering how many children have peanut allergies nowadays. They are mainly children, for it’s only during the last two decades that peanut allergies have gone off the chart. So wouldn’t it make more sense if these scientists would go back in time two decades to look what could be the cause of this explosion?

If they would do this they would easily find the culprit: babies are routinely injected with small amounts of peanut proteins. Nobody will tell you, but peanut oil is used to make many vaccines and these small amounts of peanut protein remain in the shots. It’s not strange that the surge in peanut allergies started at the moment vaccine manufacturers started to use peanut oil for theis products. There are also countries where peanuts are hard to get and there they use soy oil. As soon as they started with that there was a surge in soy allergies. Other countries used fish oil and yes, many children developed an allergy for fish. And that’s why these allergies mainly happen in children and young people. Before they started to use these oils in vaccines these kind of allergies were rare. Now they are a national disaster.

You really don’t need to be a scientist to see the connection. If I would hit one of those scientists on the head with a cricket bat he would surely make the connection with the headache he will have the next day. So why do they pretend they don’t know what’s the cause? Because this kind of research pays well and who would want to make themselves unemployed?


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